Unisa Short Courses: 2013

What is a short course?

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Short courses are, like the name suggests, short in time, so unlike full certifications that extend over periods of one to three years, short courses are completed within a couple of months. The study duration of any sort of short course is typically in between three to six to 12 months and their purpose is to give students a quick basic introduction to a certain subject. They could possibly either be focused on the advancement of particular skills or provide students an idea of exactly what they could expect from this field of study if they want to study a full certification course at a later stage. As short programs are only focused on one certain facet within a wider subject field, they won’t get you full certifications such as Certificates or Diplomas. 

Unisa offers short courses in the following fields:

*  Short courses in Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

*  Short courses in Economic and Management Sciences

*  Short courses in Education and Teaching

*  Short courses in Graduate Studies

*  Short courses in Human Sciences

*  Short courses in Law

*  Short courses in Science, Engineering and Technology

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