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What is a short course anyway?

A short course program is a type of short learning program that takes no longer than 12 months to complete. There are two types of short courses. You get credit-bearing short courses and non-credit-bearing short courses.

A credit-bearing short course is a sort of short understanding program for which credit ratings of just 120 are rewarded e.g. Skills programs leading to the success of credits in connection with a certification

A non-credit-bearing short course is a kind of brief understanding program for which no credits are awarded in connection with device standards or (part) qualifications depending on the function and/or analysis of the program e.g. Programmes where less than 1 credit may be granted.

Don't enrol for the first short course that looks appealingUnisa short courses, Unisa courses, Distance Learning

Short course programs are in demand as a result of holidays, casual jobs coming to an end and pre-college/university requirements. They are short, affordable and can provide skills that could add worth to almost every person and anybody’s life. Best of all, the majority of short courses allows you to register at any time throughout the year. That's not to say you ought to apply for the first short course program that captures your attention. Take a look at all the courses available and look into the advantages and disadvantages so that you select the short course program that offers you long-term benefits and excellent career prospects.

As we all know, money and time is tight, and there are lots of things to consider when choosing a course, such as accreditation and recognition, it is advisable to get reliable career advice. If it’s possible, get in touch with a certified career advisor. Or if you can, visit a college that is closest to you to get career advice. This service is part of most colleges’ services, so there are no extra costs and no obligation to enrol at the college you visit for career advice.

Don’t just simply register for the first short course program you see at a college before you have a good understanding and/or are satisfied that all your questions have been answered.


To help you choose whether a short course program is the right course for you, take a look at the following list.

Short course programs fit most peoples’ schedules:

*  People that have actually been working for many years and merely want to clean up their knowledge and acquire up to date skills.

*  People who want to get more knowledge and skills in a certain field in order to get ahead in their current career or are looking for a promotion.

*  Students who just left school and are still not sure what they want to do with their future and also students who needs a certain skill to get a job or to sign up for a certain course.

*  People who got a promotion in their current job and need to learn a new set of skills to completely fill their new position.

*  People who would like to start a new hobby or learn something new.

*  People who got retrenched and need to change to a new career.

*  People who have been away from their job for a while and need to update their skills and knowledge again.

*  People that needs to work and study at the same time.

*  Individuals who wish to develop skills so they can locate second earnings - a second job.

*  Individuals who need to get up to speed with the latest changes and technologies.


Ensure you understand how the course is structured, when there are classes to be attended, and just what you will need to pay. Keep in mind, this is not a one size fits all. Each short course program is made to create a certain skill and accommodate a specific demand.

To steer clear of disappointment, check that you pick a program that accommodates your personal training needs.

While it might be pretty effortless to register for entry-level short course programs, there are strongly specialised short course programs that allow only those that currently have a certification because of the particular field.

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Unisa is not the only distance learning provider that offers short courses. There are also a number of distance learning colleges that also offers a variety of short course certificate courses. If you would like to find out more about these short courses certificate courses, click on the button below.


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