Unisa Courses: Project Management

The University of South Africa offers the following project management courses:

*  Unisa offers Basic, Intermediate and Advanced short courses in Project Management.


Advantages of Project ManagementUnisa courses project management, Unisa courses, Distance Learning

*  Improved effectiveness in delivering a services

*  Better enhanced customer satisfaction

*  Faster and better service delivery

*  More productiveness within the team and business

*  Greater opportunities to grow and expand the service and business

*  More flexibility within the business

*  Better quality

*  Better quantity



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Where to study Project Management

As already mentioned above – you can study Project Management courses at UNISA. But you can also study project management at other distance learning providers. College SA, another well-known distance learning provider in South Africa also offers Project Management courses. College SA offers FET, Microsoft and Professional Project Management courses. If you would like to find out more about these course click on the button below and go to the College SA website.


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