Unisa Courses 2013

New efforts in 2013 for unisa courses

From 2013, Unisa will be applying new initiatives to ensure that unisa students are adequately ready for their studies and successfully complete their studies.

List of UNISA courses


Learning Programmes

First-time students that still have to register and that will start studying a new undergrad level in 2013 will without doubt need to register for and successfully complete one online module before they may complete their degree. These modules, called signature courses, are now obligatory modules in the educational programme of each college and university. These students will not receive printed learning material for these trademark programs, yet will be required to have access to a computer and the internet to take part in on-line study activities and evaluations. Being online, these programmes update and change the structure and content all the time to give students the best learning experience.

Re-admission in 2014

To be re-admitted as a student in 2014, first time pupils ought to register for and pass at the very least 36 credits (or 3 modules) in 2013. Failing to do so may mean that they will not be re-admitted to Unisa in 2014. From the second year of study, they ought to pass a minimum of 48 (4 components) annually. Failing to do so could cause them not being abled to study further at undergraduate degree, unless they complete a 1 year certificate program at NQF degree 5 from an accredited university after the year of exclusion.

2nd semester research product

Study books for 2nd term modules will only be delivered to pupils at the start of the second term.


All NQF degree 5 pupils (ie first-year/level pupils) will be offered with an e-tutor from 2013 to advertise pupil success and student interaction.

myUnisa, Unisa's online student website

There will be a new myUnisa joining process early in January 2013, so be advised that you should stand by and sign up with myUnisa after 9 January 2013. You can sign up on myUnisa now, however if you do so, you will need to re-register on myUnisa in 2013. 


together we pass


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Printed study materials for honours UNISA students

From 2014, all honours students will not get published study material. Use your spare time to ready yourself for your studies and get Internet access at home to assure that you will be able to complete your studies.

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