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Unisa’s short courses are brief learning programmes that focus on enriching the student with basic knowledge and skills on a certain subject. These courses are short and the course duration is usually no longer than 12 months.Unisa short courses, Unisa courses, Distance Learning

Short courses can be studied to learn the basics on the subject for your own enrichment, to help you meet the entrance criteria for another unisa course or, or it could address a certain need in the workplace.

Short courses assist students with their continuing skills progression by refreshing their skills and knowledge on specific subjects.

It is necessary to bear in mind that short courses are naturally short. They do not get you a formal certification.

Unisa does however have other long courses that you can study.

Please note that UNISA is a public college facility set up in regards to the College Act (Act 101/1997) and does not have or call for a carrier registration variety at the Division of Education and learning or SAQA.

Where else can I study short courses?

You could also study short courses at distance learning colleges. Distance learning colleges offers a wide variety of short courses that focusses on equipping students with basic skills and knowledge to give them a better understanding of a certain subject. These basic skills and knowledge is a great way to prepare you for a diploma or certificate course and also for those who wish to learn extra or new skills for work. If you would like to find out more about these short courses, click on the button below.



Unisa offers the following short courses

*  Short courses in Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

*  Short courses in Economic and Management Sciences

*  Short courses in Education

*  Short courses in Graduate studies

*  Short courses in Human Sciences

*  Short courses in Law

*  Short courses in Science, Engineering and Technology

We suggest you visit their website to get the full list of short courses.

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