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Looking for Unisa courses offered in South Africa? Unisa is a distance learning institute that offers courses to anyone in South Africa and other areas in Africa. The courses are specially designed for distance learning. The content is written in such a way that the student will understand exactly what is expected of him/her and so that they will be able to complete their assignments successfully. In cases where the student may need help there are usually student support teams who are more than willing to help the student reach their goal. 

Hundreds of thousands of people enrol for UNISA programs each year. The reason for this is since the college provides certified and worldwide recognised degrees and diplomas to people from all over the world.

There are lots of UNISA short courses readily available that would certainly fit well into a working student’s life. If you intend to sign up with UNISA, you need to pre-register and pay your registration fees in the year before starting your studies.

Unisa courses offered, Unisa courses, Distance Learning

Fields you can study at Unisa:

*  Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

*  Economic and Management Sciences

*  Education

*  Human Sciences

*  Law

*  Science, Engineering and Technology


Unisa courses offered, Unisa courses, Distance Learning


Together We Pass has been helping UNISA students since 2008, by offering UNISA study groups in an online environment. We help students to contact each other easily, give them great resources, help them improve their marks, make sure they are ready for exams, let them buy and sell second hand UNISA textbooks, and even help them work on their professional development with CV writing tips, interview skills and more.



As a Unisa student it is expected of you to study independently with the continual assistance from your tutors and support teams. There are various entry demands for both the Unisa National Diplomas and Bachelors Degrees:


UNISA National Higher Certificate entrance needs:

-  National Senior Certificate (NSC) – must have a 30% in the language of teaching and learning*

-  Senior Certificate – must have 30% in the language of teaching and learning*

-  National Certificate Level 4 – must have 30% in the language of teaching and learning*

    *(In terms of the NSC)

UNISA National Diploma entrance needs:

-  Matric Certification with diploma entry level

-  Matric Certification without exception but with 5 topics passed at higher or basic grade

-  Apply for full or conditional exception certification provided by Matriculation Board of Much higher

-  Education and learning of SA

-  Grade 10 Certificate, over 23 years of age and 3 years' job going through

-  National Vocational Certification at level 4

UNISA Bachelors Degree entrance requirements:

You will have to hold one of the following certifications in order to register for a UNISA Bachelors level:

-  Matric Certificate with college exemption

-  Full or conditional exception released by the Matriculation Board of Higher Education of SA

-  National Vocational Certification level 4: degree

Unisa courses offered, Unisa courses, Distance Learning

What other distance learning options do I have? 

Unisa is not the only distance learning provider. There are a also number of distance learning colleges that you can choose from. Distance learning colleges usually offers diploma and certificate courses. Their study fees tend to be cheaper than Unisa because they are a college and not a university. If you would like to find out what courses you can study at a distance learning colleges, click on the button below.




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