Unisa is a well-known distance learning university in South Africa. They offer a wide variety of unisa courses. Unisa was the very first public college to educate exclusively by means of distance learning. Unisa was the only institute who gave students the opportunity to further their educations irrespectively of their race, creed or circumstances.

Given our rootedness in South Africa and the African continent, Unisa today may really claim to be the African university in the solution of humanity.

Distance Learning provider – Unisa

As already mentioned, Unisa is a distance learning provider. Many students register with Unisa every year. They offer internationally recognised distance learning courses. These courses are very popular because the students can go abroad and still have a good qualification to show. They also have a selection of part time courses where you, the student only study after hours. Many students choose these part time courses as they have to work during the day to be able to pay for their studies and necessities.

The Unisa courses are open and available all over the world. Their study fees are also reasonable and they also offer bursaries to students who really can’t afford to pay for their studies. Unisa also offers a variety of short courses for students who would just like to upgrade their knowledge and skills on certain subjects.


Unisa courses,  Distance Learning 


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Unisa courses,  Distance Learning



More about Distance Learning

Unisa is not the only distance learning College in South Africa. We also have other well-known colleges to offer you such as College SA, The Learning Group and Skills Academy. These colleges are all distance learning colleges and provide correspondence education to students all over South Africa. College SA in fact, couriers students study material to their doorsteps wherever they may find themselves in South Africa – FOR FREE, which makes them one of the most popular distance learning colleges in South Africa today. 








Unisa courses,  Distance Learning



College SA offers a wide selection of courses – from accounting to hospitality and all the way to creative studies such as wedding planning and floristry. One of their most popular fields of study is Project Management Studies. Everyone has to have project management skills as you use it every day, no matter what profession you find yourself in. They offer Services SETA (National Qualification Courses), Microsoft and Basic to Professional Project Management courses. Unisa also offers project management courses.

There are distance learning courses for everyone out there – no matter what age group you find yourself in. Whether you are interested in getting a qualification to start in a new career path, get a new set of skills for a promotion at your current job or just simply because you want give an upgrade to your hobby skills – there is something out there for everyone.







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