Distance Learning Universities

Unisa has over 350 000 students and celebrated their 140th birthday in 2013.  

Unisa (The University of South Africa) is a well-known distance learning provider in South Africa. They are the biggest university in South Africa and the only distance learning university in South Africa. 

International distance learning universities

Distance learning universities, Distance Learning The largest distance learning university in the world can be found in India – the Indira Ghandi National Open University (IGNOU). They service an estimated 4 million students.

The United States has many leading universities that offer online distance learning programmes. This includes Washington State University, the University of Southern California and Pennsylvania State University. More than 270 000 undergraduate students in the United States are taking their first degree via distance learning.

And then of course, in South Africa we have UNISA (University of South Africa). UNISA service’s an estimate 350 000 students. They celebrated their 140th birthday in 2013 and are the largest open learning institution in South Africa.

Distance learning college

Distance learning colleges do not offer any degrees. Distance learning colleges offer short certificate, certificate, and advanced certificate and diploma courses. The courses offered at distance learning colleges cover a wide variety of topics, subjects, or fields of interest.

The courses available will differ from one college to another. Some colleges will only offer specific courses in a particular field where others offer various courses that cover numerous fields of interest. 





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