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Distance-Learning Professional Qualifications

You might have picked up that a qualification through a professional body or institute is very valuable in the market place. In the fields of IT and management, membership and certification from a governing body and leading professional entity, can open doors for you. In this letter, we look at some of the most well known institutes that offer professional qualifications via distance-learning.

What is a professional body?

A professional body is a group of people in a learned occupation who concentrate on maintaining control of the legitimate practice of the occupation.

Benefits of professional membership societies:

Each organisation has its own unique advantages, most professional associations offer some or all of the following basic benefits:

  • Exclusive resources:  Access to a variety of databases and message boards etc.
  • Networking opportunities
  • Education: Many professional associations offer their members the chance to update their knowledge of business and trade basics or acquire new job skills through seminars, workshops, and distance-learning courses.
  • Free or discounted publications
  • Support system; Members of professional associations can often take advantage of formal coaching or mentoring relationships with more experienced business people who provide guidance and useful insights.
  • Political influence:  Large organisations often have committees to track state legislation that could have an impact on their specific business or industry.
  • Joining a professional institute is beneficial for your own professional development. The connections you will make, the resources made available to you and the ideas and advice you will discover could turn out to be one of the best things you could do for yourself and your career.

What is a professional qualification?

A professional qualification is any qualification e.g. certificate, degree that is overseen by a professional body that act to safeguard public interest.

  • You can earn Certifications from a professional society or from an IT vendor.
  • Professionals might need to renew their certifications from time to time. Part of renewal might be for the individual to show evidence of continued learning, in order to renew.
  • Professional associations, trade organizations, or IT vendors create, sponsor, or affiliate certification programs to raising standards. Even programs independent from membership organisations can enjoy association support and endorsement.
  • Certifications are portable, since they do not depend on one company's definition of a certain job. Certification provides an impartial, third-party endorsement of an individual's professional knowledge and experience.

 Examples of professional institutes and their qualifications: