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Benefits of Distance Learning

Now that you have a clear idea of what exactly distance learning involves, let’s explore all the advantages and disadvantages of this option. It goes without saying that each mode of study has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, so it’s your responsibility to consider all these factors before making a final decision.

The advantages of Distance LearningBenefits of distance learning, distance learning

·         You can have a full-time job while you study.

·         You don’t have to attend any classes so you’ll have a lot of freedom.

·         You don’t have to spend a lot of money on travelling or accommodation costs.

·         You can discuss topics or study material in chat rooms or student forums.

·         You have online access to a tutor that will assist you quickly.

·         You won’t get any nasty surprises such as unannounced class test/assessments.

·         You won’t waste any time on travelling to and from a campus or to attend classes.

·         You can post your assignments or submit them online.

·         You have the luxury of studying when and where it pleases you.

The disadvantages of Distance Learning

·         You need self-discipline and motivation to keep your focus on your studies

·         You need to plan your free time wisely in order to complete all your tasks.

·         You need some mode of electronic or telephonic communication.

·         You won’t attend a campus where you can socialise with other classmates.

·         You won’t have face-to-face contact with a tutor.