Accredited Distance Learning

Accredited distance learning, Distance Learning Accreditation is the assessment of the level of education offered by a distance learning institution or programme.

Accreditation verifies that an institution offers quality education and courses. The accreditors who accredit the institutions are there to establish standards of accreditation and review the institutions and their programmes against these standards.

Why choose an accredited distance learning provider?

These days employers review applicant’s educational background to see what type of certification and qualification they have. Most employers don’t consider a qualification to be valid if you did not get it through an accredited college.

Three important reasons to choose an accredited distance learning provider:

  • A qualification earned at an accredited college is of higher value and will more likely get you a job.
  • When applying for a student loan you need to attend a college with at least one accreditation to be successful. However you also have to pass other requirements to qualify for a loan.  
  • Transferring credits from one college to another when both are accredited will also be much easier when furthering your studies.

An accredited course guarantees quality course material, education and qualification





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