Distance Learning Education

The thought of furthering your education can be overwhelming and if you are looking for answers and clarity on what exactly distance learning entails, then look no further! We will help you understand distance learning better, tell you what it entails and show you what distance learning courses you can study and where you can study them.

What is distance learning?

Distance learning or correspondence learning is when you further your education (study a course) from your home. Your study material gets posted or couriered to your post of or home and you send your completed assignments back to the college through email, post or courier…


Study via distance learning

Distance learning has become very popular over the last decade as more students choose to further their studies via distance learning. Here are just some of the reasons students choose distance learning:

  It’s cheaper.

 You can study from home.

 You can work while you further your studies.

 Anyone over the age of 16 can study via distance learning – even those without a Matric.

Distance learning programmes

You can almost study anything through distance learning. There is a wide variety of courses that you can choose from. However, not all distance learning institutes offer the same courses. It is advised to inquire about the course that you are interested in at the college that you are considering. Make sure that the qualification you get once you complete the course is what you wanted.   



Together We Pass

Together We Pass is an online study group that help students pass their courses. They currently offer help to Unisa and other private college students.


Unisa is the largest open distance learning university in Africa. They offer higher education courses such as master’s and doctoral degrees.

Distance Learning Providers

There are many distance learning providers in South Africa. Each provider offers a variety of distance learning courses. On this page we have listed a few distance learning institutes with great benefits and many courses to choose from.





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